What is Lexington Sporting Club?

Lexington Sporting Club is a United Soccer League (USL) League One professional soccer club. LSC also has a youth program that gives kids and coaches the opportunity to learn, compete and develop. Lexington Sporting Club is owned by Bill & Donna Shively, Stephen Dawahare and Carter Carnegie.

What does the Lexington Sporting Club crest represent?

We are the community’s club, and our crest was created based on input from you – our community! The Lexington Sporting Club crest celebrates our winning tradition and honors the signature industries that keep Kentucky moving forward. You can learn more about our crest here.

What impact will Lexington Sporting Club have on the region?

Lexington Sporting Club is already cultivating connection and community within Central Kentucky and will help to create new jobs, drive tourism and generate exciting new economic growth and development in our region.

How many jobs will Lexington Sporting Club create?

The franchise is expected to directly create more than 250 new fulltime jobs within its first three years of operation. While some of the jobs will be seasonal, many will be year-round. Additionally, the stadium is expected to indirectly create an additional 160+ full-time jobs by year 3 of operation and construction of the stadium is estimated to create 272 construction jobs with a 16- to 22-month completion timeline.

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Where will Lexington Sporting Club’s stadium be located?

Lexington Sporting Club is excited to invest in and be part of a community that’s ready to welcome and embrace the new excitement and opportunities we can provide. At this time, LSC is working through the zoning approvals and other required processes to determine the best location for our signature local venue. We are currently looking at multiple properties both in and around Fayette County to serve as the home for our new stadium complex.

Where will Lexington Sporting Club’s practice fields be located?

We have proposed a location on Athens Boonesboro Road for 10 outdoor practice fields.

What approvals does Lexington Sporting Club need to receive to move forward with the new stadium and practice fields?

Lexington Sporting Club is currently seeking approvals with the City of Lexington Board of Adjustments, Planning Commission and Urban County Council for its proposed stadium and practice fields in Fayette County. We are also considering other properties around Fayette County for the stadium and will pursue the necessary approvals should our plans change.

What is the timeline for the Lexington Sporting Club stadium and practice fields to be built?

Pending site selection and local county approval, our stadium would have a 16- to 22-month competition timeline.

What will the stadium and practice fields look like?

Renderings of the state-of-the-art facilities can be found here.

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Does Lexington Sporting Club offer a youth program?

Lexington Sporting Club is proud to offer a youth program that help foster camaraderie and community among kids and teens in our region. LSC’s youth program, which includes 1,400 players, is already the largest in Kentucky, and we are excited to bring on more athletes and coaches in seasons to come!

Who can play in Lexington Sporting Club’s youth program?

Lexington Sporting Club’s youth program offers opportunities for kids and teens of all skill levels. The youth club provides a first-of-its-kind pipeline for young athletes in our region who want to pursue soccer more seriously.

Youth Program

FAQsSupporting the Club!

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How do I get involved in efforts to support Lexington Sporting Club?

To support our efforts, please visit SupportLexSporting.com/takeaction. You can contact local leaders to help these exciting new facilities become a reality! We also encourage you to follow @SupportLexSporting on Facebook and Twitter for updates and information.

Where can I learn more about Lexington Sporting Club?

For more information about Lexington Sporting Club, visit LexSporting.com.

Where can I buy apparel and merchandise to support Lexington Sporting Club?

Visit our online shop at shop.lexsporting.com. Thank you for your support!


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